Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY Pumpkin Cat Toy Tutorial

 I know we put a lot of dog tutorials on here so I just wanted to share the love with all of out cat owners out there. I too have cats and they love toys so here is a quick DIY tutorial for a Pumpkin Cat Toy.
What you will need:
- Rotary Cutter and/or Scissors
- Felt
- Cardboard square
I have two small scraps of felt here one orange and one green. You will a want to cut your felt into long strips that are about 1/2 inch thick and about 8" long.

You will want to cut about 10-15 strips of orange and 2-3 strips of green.
Next, you will want to get a piece of cardboard about 3x3 or in my case I used an acrylic stamp block.
You will want to start wrapping the green in the center and then wrap the orange around that until you have used all your felt pieces except 1 orange one. Wrap your felt tight enough but not too tight that you can not slide the felt off the cardboard.
Carefully slide your wrapped felt off the block and tie your remaining felt piece around the center of the felt. Tie this off as tight as you can and then grab your scissors.

You will want to use your scissors to cut the loops on your ball. This will make it puff out and become a full ball. You will have to pull some of the felt a little to shape your ball or you can hold one piece and shake it a bit to fluff it up.
And there you have it. Quick and easy! I hope y'all love our pumpkin tutorial! Happy Halloween!
AND we have a winner!

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