Sunday, May 12, 2013

Staying on top of the (fur)ball!

If you are behind the curve on your spring cleaning like me then you will love this blog. Last week we showed you how to get rid of the wet dog smell and this week we have a few more tips for making your life with pets easier.
We have a saying at our house: Home is where dog hair sticks to everything but the dog! If this is true in your house I think you will love these tips.
Here is a quick tip on how to quickly remove pet hair from your couches.
There are a few ways so you can take your pick depending on what you have around the house.
-by wiping a damp sponge on upholstery the hair will roll up for easy pick up. 
- use a set of rubber gloves or a shower squeegee and the rubber on either item will gather hair from couches or clothes when you rub them over the surface.
Now that you have all that extra fur up you can freshen the air with some homemade Febreze! Lets face it, with 2 dogs and 2 cats our house can get a little funky at times so we go through a lot of Febreze. This recipe is a great way to save money and still have your house smelling fresh.
If you are looking for a natural recipe try this one:
*side note* always test a small area before spraying onto upholstery, rugs or other household items.
Still looking for a way to freshen your home? Try adding some greenery! These dog friendly plants naturally filter the air. For more information please check out the Mother Nature Network. These plants are considered safe by the California Poison Control System:
SO, now that you have picked up all the extra fur, freshened the couches you still have a few places for lingering odors. The carpets being one of them. Instead of renting those expensive steam cleaners and using harsh chemicals try using this recipe to naturally freshen your carpets.


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