Friday, September 28, 2012

How to make a Dog Bowl Cake

In our previous blog we showed you our dog bowl cake we made for our first birthday. If you are interested in how to make a doggie cake of your own here are some simple instructions on how to do so.
I started out with simple ingredients:
I bought two boxes of cake mix, two cans of icing, Cocoa Puffs, and an aluminum dog bowl.
First, make sure to grease by dog bowl ahead of time so you can pop the cake out nice and easy! I used a non-stick cooking spray.
Second, I mixed the TWO boxes of cake batter and poured them into the bowl. I set the oven according to the cake mix box but increased the baking time so the cake would cook all the way through. I am not sure how long it baked for exactly but I kept an eye on it and once the top started to brown up a bit too much I laid a piece of foil across it to keep it from burning.
 Once your cake is done set it on a cooling rack. Make sure the cake is cooled all the way before you turn it out of the pan. Then I used a knife to cut the cake in half. Hopefully, your cake will look like this.
You can see on the left the cake is turned out of the pan and on the right it is cut in half. My cake is not cut perfectly but that is ok because you are going to put icing between the two layers so if they are not perfectly symmetrical it will all work out in the end with the icing.
So you are going to want to put the bottom layer back into the dog bowl and ice the top of that layer. Then you are going to put the top layer back on and ice the top of that. You are going to want a bit of a thicker layer on the top so you can add the Cocoa Puffs and make sure they stick on there well. I only used about a can and a half of icing. I am sure you can make the most of 1 can but icing is just too good to be skimped on so I opened his equally delicious friend!
NOW, for the fun part. The kid in me wanted jut to pour the box of cereal on top of the cake and see how it turned out, but then my OCD kicked in and I "had" to place each and every piece of cereal on there one at a time to ensure a good outcome! Take your pick. If you do decide to dump the box let me know how that turns out-- I am still curious!
So once you start to put all the cereal on you are almost done. All you need to do now is decide if you want to leave room for candles or a cake topper. I did not have either so I went ahead and filled it up with the Cocoa Puffs. So it looks like this:
 And there you have it!

Please note: this cake is for human consumption only.





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