Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paw Print Nail Art Tutorial

After living on Guam and in flip flops for three years this cold weather in Japan has kept me in closed toe shoes and all bundled up. We had a great day today at it was a high of 61! So I pulled off my socks and slippers for a good ole at home pedicure. I am by no means a professional but I wanted to do something for myself and having it done for FREE is the even better! So, if you are ready for some warm weather like I  am, here is a good way to free those piggy's and show some love for your four-legged friend! This would not only be cute for dogs and cats but for showing team spirit as well. There are plenty of cat mascots and you could just change up the colors to support your team!
You will need the following:
-Bobby Pin
-Scrap paper or a piece of cardboard like I used
-Nail Polish (2 contrasting colors)
-Clear Top Coat

First of all you want to start with painting your toes. While you are waiting for them to dry you can start practicing on your paw prints.
Here is what you need to do to start:
Get your piece of scrap paper or in my case a piece of the granola bar box that was in the recycling bin. Drop about a pea size amount of nail polish on the paper and get your bobby pin. You can straighten your bobby pin all the way or you can hold the two pieces apart like I am. I am using the longer of the two ends to dip into the white polish.

Hold your bobby pin up straight up and down so you get a uniform dot and just lightly touch the paper and your polish will transfer from the bobby pin onto the paper.
Go ahead and make one center dot and then two slightly above so you are making what looks like a Mickey Mouse head. You will need to re-dip your bobby pin for each dot.

1st step

2nd step

3rd step


Now that you have the pad made you need to make the toes. To make sure the toes are spaced right it is best to make a dot on each side of the pad first then make the two in the middle. This will help make sure it is even.
And that's it! Easy as pie! Now it's time to practice, practice, practice!
Practice makes perfect. You can see some are way better than others.Hopefully by now your toes are dry and you can get to work. You can use this paw print design on your toes and nails. Since I am going to do just one on by big toe I wanted to make the paw print a bit bigger so I am going to use something larger than a bobby pin.
Here is a wooden kabob skewer from in the kitchen. It has a round flat bottom that will make larger and perfect circles! GOOD LUCK!
Once you paw prints are dry go ahead and put a clear coat on them and that's it!!
And here is the finished product!
Here is another view on my other toe. I did a different paw print on this one. Which do you like better?

Saturday, January 26, 2013