Thursday, September 26, 2013

Easiest way to clean a Kong inside and out!

Whether your dog has separation anxiety, you use it for fun or to keep them busy while you are at work the Kong is a great toy for dogs! However, it is not always the easiest to clean. We usually fill ours with pumpkin, yogurt, or peanut butter and it is hard to get the inside squeaky clean.
Keeping you Kong clean will reduce bacteria and keep your dog from getting sick, even the smallest amount of bacteria can cause stomach upset.
So here is my quick and easy way to clean a Kong in less than 5 minutes!
What you will need:
-A dirty Kong
-Dish Soap
-Baby Bottle Brush
-warm water
During my last trip to the store I was with a friend who had kids and we were strolling through the baby isle and there it was! A baby bottle brush!
So here is what you do, run some warm water, soap up your brush and start cleaning the inside of your dirty Kong. It is best to twirl, pull in out and as well as make circular motions around in there just to make sure you get all the leftover stuff out.

You will want to do this a few time and rinse out your rush between scrubbings. Reapply a dab more of soap if necessary.
Also, depending on which brush you get it may also have a smaller brush hidden inside the base of the bigger brush. You can use this smaller brush to scrub the top opening of the Kong.

After your Kong is squeaky clean inside and out rinse it off very well. Left over soap can also cause our pups to feel ill.
Once it is washed and rinsed set it aside to dry or you can refill it right away for more fun!

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  1. Great. Going out to buy one of those brushes tomorrow. Thank you very much!!