Southern Wag Unleashed

Southern Wag has been Unleashed!
As many of y'all know we are a military family stationed in Japan. When I am not busy sewing I am out and about with my dogs. I have two Golden Retrievers who love to go out and meet new friends. I wanted to share some of our adventures and give y'all insight into what our 4 legged friends get to see and do.

On this trip we went to Kozakibana Park. This park is the western most point of Japan!
 Before the weather warmed up we too this little trip. This was about 30 minutes from our house and it made for a great outing with the puppies.

There was a wonderful view of the ocean. I was sad the sky was not clearer but it was still a good trip.

There was a great walking path by the water and they were really tempted to jump in! Unfortunately they have to stay on the leash for this trip.
Bailey and Tucker stop to pose by the water.

Humm, What's down there?

By the time we got to the top of the mountain the sun was setting on us. We will have to go back so we can show y'all more of the area. It was such a great visit.



So, we started a new segment called Southern Wag Unleashed. This is a way for y'all to follow our 4 legged friends' travels around Japan. On this trip we went to the Kawatana Human Torpedo Training School.
This adventure was amazing. It was about 25 minutes from our house and provided a great afternoon of fun for us and the dogs.
This school has been around since WWII. This school was originally built in 1944 as a result of Japan's worsening situation in the Pacific.
This school was built to train volunteers who wanted to assist in the war efforts. These young men were trained to pilot these torpedo's.
These old buildings were amazing to see. I can not believe all the history that can be found here.

We wondered around the old buildings until they found the water and then all bets were off.

After their mad dash to the water Tucker, my velcro dog,   turns around to make sure I am not far.

After a dip in the water to cool off we were ready to jump back in the car and head to our next destination.

Where will we go next?

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