Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Cause 4 Paws Donation Drive

As ya'll may know we are a military family and most of us will go to the end of the earth to support other military families. Recently I have been thinking of all the men and women overseas and all they do for us while fighting the war on terrorism. I was also thinking of all the 4 legged heroes that are fighting this war right alongside their human companions.
Military working dogs go above and beyond everyday to help ensure our freedom. They endure sandstorms, temperatures exceeding 100ยบ F, rough terrain, dangerous situations, and many more unfathomable circumstances. I would like to say Thank You to our four legged heores with this donation drive. Giving to these heroes should not only be a "season" or certain time of year. Let us show them our support for their tireless efforts specially when these men, women and dogs serve every day of the year and not just around the gift giving season.
My small business, Southern Wag Pet Accessories, would like to invite you to support our 4 legged service members in our 1st annual a Cause 4 Paws donation drive. All donations will be sent overseas to working dogs who are in need of supplies, toys, and of course treats. I will provide a list below of items the handlers and their canine partners are in need of.
Please send all donations to:
Stephanie Caruthers
PSC 476 Box 678
FPO AP 96322-0007
We will be taking donations from 4/25/13 until 6/25/13. Please keep in mind we are overseas so priority flat rate boxes and first class mail are your two best options to send your donations.
Here is a list of items that have been specifically requested:
(please keep in mind the majority of the working dogs are medium, large and extra large) 
-Collapsible Nylon Water Bowls. An example would be something similar to this from Petco.
-Dog Treats. They do not have to be expensive treats keep in mind the quality of the items you are sending. For instance, try a few of these treats.
-Nylon or Leather Collars.
-Nylon or Leather Leashes in 3ft and 6ft lengths.
-Unscented Shampoo and wipes. Doctors Foster and Smith carry a great unscented shampoo. For times when water is not available they also require these unscented wipes.
-Ear Cleaner
-Eye Cleaner
-FURminator Brushes. FURminator brand brushes are the most requested by handlers.
-Kong Toys. Kong toys are highly requested by handlers. These toys provide stimulation for dogs during their down-time. This stimulation helps the dogs cope with PTDS, anxiety, as well as for training purposes.  
-Doggles. Another highly requested item. Doggles are essential during sand storms and other hazardous conditions.
-Pill Pockets. Greenies is a trusted brand for many professionals and veterinarians.
Please help us support those who put their lives on the line to ensure our safety and freedom. Continue to follow our blog to see our progress for collecting donations.
Every little bit helps!
Just some "fine print":
This is a charitable event being hosted by a military spouse. I am in no way associated with an organization and all donations should be given out of the kindness of the donors heart. I can not provide you with any "proof" for a tax deduction. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Dog Bone Banner Tutorial

Ok yall, I have another great DIY project for you! Using burlap scraps I made a dog bone banner. You can use this banner idea for you 4 legged friends next birthday! If you are not big into celebrating their birthday you can always use it for puppy themed parties, adoption centers, or anything else you can think of. This was so simple to make and it was a lot of fun.
To get started this is what you will need:
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Glue Gun
Scrap Ribbon
 So my sister just got married and my Mom handmade all these beautiful burlap table cloths and she had a bunch of leftover scrap burlap laying around. So instead of throwing them away we found a great way to recycle the scraps into a great project.
We will be making a bone banner with my dogs name "Bailey" on it. You can put anything you want on the banner. It can say Woof, Ruff, Adopt, and if you are really ambitious you can make "Happy Birthday!"

First, you will need to get your scrap fabric and find good pieces you can cut your bones out of. My bones are about 8x10 but you can make them bigger or smaller. Once you find your pieces you will want to lay them out flat and iron them. This makes cutting out the bones A LOT easier. If you do not have any scraps of burlap you can buy some by the yard at your local fabric store.
Next, my mom free handed a dog bone out of some scrap paper we had laying around. We love to recycle around here! If you are not good at free handing a bone you can get a template online or use clip art in word and print one out.

Next, you will want to lay your pattern onto your burlap and pin it in place. I folded over one piece and will make two bones with one cut. If you do not feel comfortable with cutting two at once feel free to do one at a time.

You will want to have a good pair of scissors because the burlap moves a bit when you are cutting it. As you can see below my bones are not identical but they are close enough. Two down and four to go!

Ok! Once you get all your bones cut out you will want to lay them out and make sure they are all pretty even and trim any wonky edges.

Next, you will want to get your chalk and lightly trace your letters on the bones. Make sure to check your spacing on each bone.  You will want your letters to be about the same size on all the bones so it looks more cohesive. You can always just free hand it but we like to error on the side of caution.
Once you are happy with your letters you can get out your paint and paint brush and begin to trace over your chalk letters. Since the burlap has holes in between the weave we turned over a pizza box and painted on that to prevent from getting paint on the table.  

My Mom was a great helper!

They are DONE! Now that they are all done you will want to lay them all flat to dry. We used some more scrap paper to put under them to make sure the paint did not get on the counters. Drying time should take about 30 minutes depending on how thick your letters are.

After the bones are dry you will want to get out your twine to make your banner.
You can use ribbon, fabric, or any other trim but I thought this would work perfect and keep up with the rustic theme. I bought this particular twine at Hobby Lobby in the ribbon section.

Next, you will want to lay your bones face down and space them evenly. While you are doing this make sure you plugged in your glue gun so that sucker is nice and warm when we need it!
Once you get your spacing worked out you can use a small drop of hot glue to keep the twine in place. After the hot glue dries it is up to you on the finishing touches. I used some scrap ribbon I had and just tied it on the twine on each side of the bone. You can use whatever you like or just leave it the way it is. I just thought it needed a little something more.

When it's all done you will have the cutest personalized banner for your dog, kid, or event. It is super fast, fun and really cheap! Hope yall enjoy!

**I would like to add a special thanks to my Mom for all her help on this tutorial. I loved being back at home and crafting with her. Love you Mom!**