Friday, December 20, 2013

New Years Resolutions (part 1)

Every year over 45% of Americans make New Years Resolutions and the second most popular resolution is to lose weight and be more active. Making a plan and sticking to it is very important since less than 8% of people who said they were going to lose weight and be more active actually followed through. 

What if I told you another fact? According to The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention,  a staggering 52.5% of US Dogs Overweight or Obese (approximately 36.7 million) and 58.3% of US Cats Overweight or Obese  (approximately 43.2 million). 

Oh no, that is a lot of round pets! It is also heart breaking that over weight pets live about 2 years less than lean pets within their ideal body weight. Pet Obesity can cause joint problems, type 2 diabetes, and many other dangerous health issues. Not only is this bad for your pet but it's bad for your wallet! 

One of my favorite quotes from them is "No animal goes to the refrigerator or the pantry and helps themselves. We enable our pets to get fat!" Pet obesity is treatable and preventable! There is nothing wrong with wanting to spoil our pets, I do it all the time, but there is a line between doing what is best for them and spoiling them rotten. We need to learn to find that balance so our pets are happy, healthy and still spoiled rotten! 

For the new year, lets do everyone a favor and get active. Before any workout routine is started, you should see your vet to discuss your pets current weight goals and ideal body weight for their breed. You can also discuss low calorie diets, or the recommended daily caloric intake your pet requires. 

In my upcoming blog I will be sharing with you some great ways to get your pet fit in 2014!
We will also discuss what pet fitness products are trending for the new year and how you and your pet can stick to your goals. 


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