Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The question we all want to know the answer to....

Don't you hate when you are watching a movie and there is a dog in there, usually playing a heroic part, and he kicks the bucket at the end of the movie? How do you explain that one to the kids? Or when you are watching a movie like Black Beauty and you have to power though the icky parts to get to the sunshine and rainbows at the end?

Well, I have the perfect resource for you!
Go to Does the Dog Die? to get a heads up on all your 4 legged hero outcomes! Dogs, Cats, Horses you name it  and they probably have an outcome. So now you know if you need to grab a box of tissues or another pop another bag of popcorn!
They even have a rating system:
  Smiley dog for sunshine and rainbows.
Frowning dog for if a pet get injured or appears to be dead.
 Crying dog if the pet dies.
They have over 653 movies listed with outcomes so far! So, next time you pop the popcorn, get the kids on the couch, and settle in for the night head over the Does the Dog Die? for a quick spoiler alert!


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