Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy First Birthday Southern Wag!

Last weekend we celebrated one whole year of being in business. We celebrated with some close friends at the dog park and had lots of  fun. We had about 30 dogs total plus their families and friends.
In case you missed the party here is how we celebrated our very first year with some very special friends.We started off the afternoon by decorating the table. We made sure we had puppy treats and people treats to share. I made three different types of dog treats to share. I made Carob Cookies, Cranberry Balls and Peanut Butter Bites. By the end of the afternoon there was nothing left but the bottom of the bowl the treats came in. Everyone took them home to share with their puppies. We also had hand made braided rope bones, and tennis balls to share with everyone.
We did not forget about our two legged friends though. We made sure to make some puppy chow to share, as well as paw print themed cake balls. The cake balls got a little warm out int he Guam sun by they were delicious anyways.
To top off the afternoon we had a "Dog Food Cake!" I made this cake for the occasion and it was by far the funnest thing to make for our event.
I would like to thank our friends Sandra Lynn Photography for taking lots of beautiful pictures at our party. I would also like to thanks Maryann from 31 gifts for donating a gift certificate for our raffle, as well as Ashley from Sweet Temptations for her help with the cake pops. And last but not least my friend Trina who was there to help cut, staple, and haul everything to and from the party.
Thank you to each one of you for all your help and support. I would like to also thank all of our guests who came and supported us and who made our 1 year anniversary such a hit!
Now for pictures of all the fun! If you are interested in how I made certain things please contact me. I will post a separate blog just for the Dog Food Cake.
Here are a few pictures taken by Sandra Lynn Photography:

Aww!! Puppy Love!

This looks like this years Christmas card!

Someone has a tennis ball!

Ami Lee and her crew having fun!
For more pictures by Sandra Lynn Photography click on the link below!
Here are some more pictures of the goodies and treats we had to share with everyone!
Here is our table all set up. On this end are the people treats!! There is the Dog Food Cake and Cake Pops.

We brought Tennis Balls, Braided Rope Bones, and other assorted toys for everyone to play with and take home!

Here is another view of the Dog Food Cake! I added the vinyl decorations on the outside of the bowl.

Here is a view of our cake pops!

Another view of the party table.

Our raffle basket. Includes Treats, a rope bone, tennis balls, a travel bowl, our Muddy Paws
shampoo and lastly a $30 gift certificate!
You can see we set out plenty of poeple treats but we also brought lots of puppy treats!!




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