Friday, February 22, 2013

Framed Paw Print Tutorial

I LOVE this idea! I am all about personalized artwork! This would be great as a gift as well! I have seen a few variations of this and figured I would give it a try for my puppies.
Here is what you will need:
-Picture Frame
-Scrapbook Paper
-Plain White Paper or Card stock
-Ink Pad
-Printer or Marker
-Baby Wipes or Damp Towel
-and your pet of course!
You will first want to get everything ready and laid out ahead of time. I got everything together and went outside. I laid out the paper, ink pads and baby wipes. Side note on the ink pad: make sure you choose a non toxic, washable ink for this project .
Then it's time to wrangle up a willing volunteer! Hummm who to choose first?
I had my dog come outside and sit facing me. I had them "shake" and held onto their paw and blotted it onto the ink pad. If you do not think you dog will sit still you can have them lay down on their side and do the same.
From there, you will need to place your dogs paw firmly onto the paper. Make sure to apply pressure to all toes as well. As you can see my dogs have very furry feet so we got ink on their hair as well. After you have made you paw print you can try a few more until you find one you like best.
After you are done make sure to use your baby wipes to clean off your dogs foot.
As you can see some some were better than others! I chose the one on the right as my favorite!

The hardest part is over! Now it's time to get creative!
For the next part you can go into word and type up their names or you can free hand them on some extra paper or card stock. I do not have nice handwriting so I chose to use a cute font and cut out their names. You can use scissors and a fancy paper cutter like I have here.
Next, you will need to get your frame and decide on a design. Since I like in no-man-land we have little selection so I had to choose two separate frames. I wanted to put both of the paw prints together in one frame but they did not have any big enough at the store. So, we had to make due with what was available.
I chose two of these 5x7 frames. I wanted to dress them up a little more so I grabbed some scrapbook paper for the background and began to arrange the paw print, trim them down, and add the name tags I made in word.
You can fill the entire frame with the paw print if you like, or you can have a mat put around it. It all depends on you personal preference!
After a little cutting and creating this is what I came up with. The scrapbook paper is cut 5x7, the paw prints are cut 4x4 and the little name tags are cut 2x1 1/2.
For the next part you will need to glue it all together. I have some scrapbook glue I am going to use but you can use a glue stick, rubber cement or something to that nature.
Once you have everything all glued down you pop them into the frames!
Don't forget to clean the glass! (I forgot and they were very dirty!)

And here you go! A great way to remember your pet! Cheap, Fun and CUTE!

****Here is an update for our blog!****
Last time I was home I made these for my dad and his dogs. I used all the same materials and instructions as above I just added burlap to make it more personalized. I also used a paint brush and some black paint to write in the names.
What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by! See y'all next time!


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